The Clever Courtesan Arrives Feb 2018

January, 2018: The Clever Courtesan is Coming Soon!

From handsome sea pirates to regal ambassador’s, Cassandra is climbing her way to the top of society by asking one simple question, “Who is the most powerful ?”  Her bold nature and cleverness set the scene for Britain’s elite to purchase her key; a key that leads to their pleasure, and her growing wealth.

What will Cassandra risk to continue her pursuit of more influential lovers?  Will she be able to keep her heart out of the equation?

The first in the Lady of Keys series, M.M. Genet presents “The Clever Courtesan.”  Look for the release February, 2018.

Michele is a writer from Detroit. She's had several short stories as well as 4 books published. She has been nominated for a Parsec Award for best new podcast of a novel and is also the recipient of the Joy Humanist Award for Poetry. When she isn't writing, she is also a harpist. Michele performs throughout Michigan, Ohio and in the Chicago area. She teaches at the Michigan Conservatory of which she is also a founder.

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