Welcome to Sparkling Pines High

Get ready for romance, angst and high drama in my new YA Romance series, Sparkling Pines High. Meet twins Sophie and Angela. They’re beautiful and smart and opposite in every other way; particularly when it comes to love.

Join them in book 1 where the girls audition for the biggest musical of the year. They don’t call it “drama” class for nothing. While Brian McKenzie, gorgeous captain of the swim team finds every opportunity to talk books with Sophie at school, he also spends a whole lot of time texting with Angela outside of school. Who is he really interested in?

Coming this Winter 2021!

Michele is a writer from Detroit. She's had several short stories as well as 4 books published. She has been nominated for a Parsec Award for best new podcast of a novel and is also the recipient of the Joy Humanist Award for Poetry. When she isn't writing, she is also a harpist. Michele performs throughout Michigan, Ohio and in the Chicago area. She teaches at the Michigan Conservatory of which she is also a founder.

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